Fly Ash Production & Distribution

ENX INC. supplies Genesee sourced fly-ash to customers all over North America via truck and rail delivery. ENX Inc. is the only fly-ash supplier in Canada to produce a quality controlled product. Until now Canadian fly-ash suppliers have simply provided a byproduct from coal fired power generation. Power plants have increased the addition of additives such as activated lime and activated carbon which has in many cases contaminated the fly-ash output to the point where it can no longer be used in concrete manufacturing, or its quality variances are beyond acceptance.

ENX’s new processing facility at Genesee is the only Canadian operation that removes the impurities directly from the ash and physically transforms it into the highest consistent quality fly-ash available on the market. This proprietary process allows customers to enjoy a consistent stable and pure product which leads to increased usage (by percentage), reduced Air Entrainment Addition, and active Alkali Silica Reactivity control.