The company was established in 1995 by the President. During a long career in the global cement industry, he developed an expansive knowledge of the benefits of fly-ash as a supplementary cementitious material (SCM). The coal byproduct has been used in the cement industry for decades, but the unique properties of Alberta’s coal produce a fly-ash that is amongst the best quality fly ash in the world. Realizing this potential, ENX INC. began marketing the products to customers in different regions throughout North America, and in 2003, ENX INC. was shipping the first rail cars of Capital Power’s Genesee fly-ash to the United States from the facility in Acheson.

With continued success, ENX INC. developed strong relationships with a growing list of clients, culminating in a partnership with Calportland in 2005. The partnership resulted in a massive expansion in 2011 of both the Acheson facility and products offered.

After the expansion was completed, the Acheson terminal became the distribution center for Calportland cement products in Alberta. In addition to an expanded fleet of rail cars and track space, five silos were added to handle the expanded operation.

In 2014, the company expanded the Acheson terminal again by adding multiple silage for cement and fly-ash, as well as doubling the cement unloading capacity. With multiple products and customers across North America and a vibrant economy to bolster the industry, ENX INC. has become the largest exporter of fly ash in Canada and a major importer of Portland Cement.

ENX INC. began development of a new processing facility at Genesee in 2016, with final commissioning expected in Fall 2017. This new facility will use a proprietary process to produce the highest consistent quality fly-ash available on the market.

Portland Cement

ENX INC. is California Portland Cement Companies (Calportland) exclusive distributor of general use, high strength and class G oil well cement in Canada. From Calportland parent company Taiheiyo Cement, cement is imported from China and Korea into import terminals in Portland and Seattle and then transported using ENX INC.’s large railcar fleet into Canada. ENX INC. then distributes the cement to end use customers using our dedicated trucking provider via pneumatic truck-trailer transport. CalPortland and parent company Taiheiyo are recognized as global leaders in the supply of high quality cement.

Coal Combustion Product Distributors

ENX INC. is on the forefront of promoting the use of CCPs as a valuable supplementary raw material for many products. Through its affiliation with Capital Power EPCOR Generation Inc., ENX INC. is currently supplying Coal Combustion Products to end use customers throughout North America. The fly-ash ENX INC. distributes is considered the highest quality available in North America. Its Class ‘F’ fly ash has the best pozzolanic properties of any ash available, and is currently used in concrete mix designs all over North America.

Our products are ‘magical’ in description as they significantly enhance the mix design’s strength, durability, and performance.

Blended Cement Manufacturing

ENX INC. “ICE” (inter-blended cementitious enhancement) is a unique product that primarily consists of Portland Cement and Fly Ash. Using sophisticated blending apparatus, ENX INC. is capable of providing a custom blend to suit the end use customers’ requirements. The accuracy of any particular blend is +/- .5%

Material Handling Service

With Terminals in Western Canada and the Western United States, a large fleet of railcars, and dedicated, knowledgeable staff, ENX INC. has become recognized for its efficient material handling and logistics service. The company maintains strong relationships with all Class 1 railroads and our dedicated trucking provider, allowing us to ship and receive cementitious dry bulk products from all Canadian Provinces and US States via rail and truck. We currently trans-load and supply cement (various types), fly-ash, plaster, barite, petroleum coke, metakaolin, slag, and have the capability to handle silica sand.

Strategic Management Consultants

ENX INC. is a unique company dedicated to providing innovation and guidance to our global business clients. We are engaged in helping to make these companies more valuable by providing innovative and solid strategic management.

Whether it is Energy Consulting, Management Consulting, Logistics Consulting, Marketing or Process Innovation Consulting, our team of experts are capable of providing value added strategies for small to large sized companies.

ENX INC. was founded in 1995 on the principle that innovative and careful attention to Management Sciences would produce profits rather than liabilities. We measure our success on the basis of our clients’ results.

Environmental Stewardship

ENX INC.’s mission is to help reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, specifically carbon dioxide, by replacing cementitious materials, such as Portland Cement, with Coal Combustion Products. This has the effect of conserving non-renewable resources such as coal and natural gas, reducing the burden of land filling, and reducing the production of GHG emissions.

ENX INC. has adopted the international symbol of recycling as its logo to demonstrate its commitment to the principals of environmental stewardship.